Lightarian™ Clearing

Benefits of receiving the Lightarian Clearings™:

Over time, the Clearing program Attunements release these adverse energies:

  • Long-existing patterns contributing to physical stresses, discomfort and dis-ease; deep-seated emotional and mental restrictions and blockages
  • Limiting belief structures and unresolved soul-level spiritual issues
  • Adverse patterns sourced by family, cultural, ethnic, religious and other mass-consciousness influences
  • Undesired implants, attachments, strong behavior patterns and addictions, detrimental past and future life influences


As a result of these releases, self-actualization – higher self integrated more and more fully into your incarnational experience – occurs and the following naturally starts to come forth in day to day life:

  • Your Divine Self powerfully comes forth as enhanced clearing stimulates the healing of all of your subtle bodies and the physical body as well.
  • Experience of more and more conscious choice and one of less and less “automatic” behavior patterns, addictions, doubts, fears and pain.
  • Higher vibrational energies can flow allowing chakras and subtle bodies to “anchor in more Light!”
  • Gifts and talents that were dormant start to surface and your ability to create joy, clarity and abundance in your life are expanded!


Level 1 – Path Clearing

Level 2 – Birth Pattern Removal

Level 3 – TemplateClearing

Level 4 – Attachment Removal

Level 5 – Lineage Clearing

Level 6 –  Veil Removal