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My name is Nicole Le Touze and after more than 30 years of research, practice and study about the Self and the Consciousness, the result is the creation of this site to be at service to others, the other parts of me scattered all over the world.

My quest started with many questions, many wonders about who we are and why we are here. In short, ‘what is the purpose of Life?’

It led me to many studies. From attending many lectures online and in person with channelled blogs about ‘spirituality’, to the study of the many religions, to the 5 years study of Kabbalah with a great Master, to the teachings of AA Michael and the meaning of the Chakras and Aura.

So far, the meaning of Life, in my perspective, is the Unity Consciousness. It is that every person I meet is a reflection of the One and ONLY ONE Creator. Our maker is teaching us through many experiences, the real meaning of Love. That we are ONE with all that is and will ever be.

There are many subjects covered in this site and speaking about the same thing, meaning the connection between us and the realization that we are ONE big living entity.